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Successful marketing is based on reliable information. And all of them are connected to people's concerns and needs. With the help of qualitative and quantitative methods of market research, we provide answers to your research questions. When carrying out focus groups / group discussions, customer surveys or in depth interviews in Germany, we take over all work steps for you, from problem analysis to the creation of the research design, collection and analysis, interpretation and presentation of the data.

As a small and agile institute for market research located in Münster (Westf.), Germany, we draw on 20 years of practical experience and support your company individually and personally in all marketing issues.

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Interview your customers, your sales force or special target groups online.


Measure customer satisfaction and customer loyalty directly at the point of sale and differentiate them according to customer groups.


Population representative surveys based on the ADM master sample.

Market Studies

Knowledge, acceptance, interests: Using statistical analysis of psychographic characteristics, we estimate sales potential for you.

Focus groups

Meet your customers with us. At eye level and in person. Be there when the unconscious shows!

In depth interviews

In personal dialogues we take your possible customers perspectives, detect pain points and potentials.

With the help of tailor-made approaches and state of the art methods of scientific market research, we collect relevant data, systematically evaluate it and answer your questions.

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In a free consultation, we will be happy to explain to you what findings and information you can expect from a customer survey or focus groups / group discussions. Contact using this form or just call us dialing 001 49 251 144 59 88 (from the U.S.).

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    "Not everything that can be counted counts.
    And not everything that counts can be counted."

    (Albert Einstein)