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We run your focus groups in Germany (studio / online)

(Synonym: group discussions)

Understanding German customers

Conducting focus groups (studio / online) is our specialty. We do them frequently and with great pleasure. Why? Here we meet participants at eye level. No other method of market research enables us to deal so intensively with target groups and to examine their needs, attitudes and behavior so comprehensively.

Are you planing focus groups in Germany? We recommend this if you want to get to know your target group better and understand them better. It is the right method if you are researching more complex products / services and want to be sure that after you have completed your market research you will know all the relevant aspects of your topic.

However, focus groups should be well planned. In addition to theoretical specialist knowledge, they require a great deal of tact and practical experience. We would be happy to explain to you what you can expect from focus groups for your specific questions and where we see limits.

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Based on our long-term and close cooperation with our partner field studio Krämer Marktforschung, we can offer you to run them in all major cities of Germany (e.g. Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt).


Are you planning online focus groups? We would be happy to plan and run them for you. Here again we offer you to take over all steps, from planning to recruiting, conducting and evaluation.

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    Why you should use focus groups

    (Synonym: group discussions)

    As a qualitative method of market research, they offer three key advantages:

    1. Focus groups bring the unconscious to light: the application of special questioning techniques reveals motivations, motives and barriers that determine our actions. We call them the “Magic Moments” when participants suddenly “hear themselves say something” and everyone in the room realizes that something important has just become clear.
    2. This method allow for social processes and enable us to understand how opinions are formed “in real life”. Especially in controversial opinions, valuable references to different target groups are often found.
    3. They ares are open: we approach the topic with an open mind and are ready and willing to learn from the participants and, if necessary, to follow unexpected paths. It is not uncommon for what seems relevant to us as specialists in advance to be less important in reality, while other points suddenly appear surprisingly important from the perspective of potential customers.

    Use the method to understand your customers even better and to optimize your marketing! We would be happy to explain to you in a non-binding consultation which results you can expect from implementing this method for your daily business.

    See through the eyes of your customers

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